teamviewerNeed help? Need it now? Well why not install Teamviewer on your PC and let me help you!!

I have been using this tool for a few months now - and I love it! It helps me solve problems on your computer quickly and easily as I can actually see your screen and make the changes and help you with great ease. And what's more you can watch the whole exercise and learn how you might either avoid the problem in the future, or perhaps solve it for yourself!

It's like the old adage says: give a man a fish and he will eat for a night, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

I encourage you - if you are one of my regular customers to install teamviewer -(from and then send me your ID and when you have a problem, you can contact me, with your unique password. And I will safely and securely connect to your PC and hopefully solve your issues.

I love this product so much I have joined the affiliate program - so try it for free, and then once you have fallen in love with it like I have you can get a discount on it. This product is not cheap, but for someone like me it is worth it!


img_handset_iPhone3GSThe Apple iPhone

I have just managed to purchase for my business (and my wife) an apple iPhone 3GS. And what a "phone" I am not realy sure I would call this a phone, much more of a small computer really. I have had this thing for a few days now, and I have been playing with it pretty much non stop since I got it.




mnf-logo Mynetfone - simply the best thing I ever did on the internet - instead of spending heaps of money on making phone calls instead, I use my internet connection and save myself heaps of money!!

No kidding - my phone bill went down incredibly, and we are talking hundreds of dollars a quarter! Do yourself a favour and check out



Microsoft Security Essentials

securityessentialsPeople often complain about the cost of software - the cost of hardware, the cost of running a computer system in general. The biggest complaint that I hear (and feel) is that once you buy something, pretty soon it goes out of date and you have to buy it all over again.


Picasa 3.5


Google has just released a new version of Picasa! If you have not tried Picasa, or are not sure what Picasa is, I recommend you give it a go. Picasa is a photo viewing, editing and cataloguing application from Google.