XP Unlimited

xpunlimitedGot a few computers in the office or the home? Constantly patching and updating software? Using MYOB and it is slow? Want to see your home/office email remotely? Got some old computers you don't want to throw away, but arent quick enough anymore? Then XP Unlimited might just be the answer for you!




newCarHow's this for a pretty new car? It is a Hyundai Tucson City. This is a design mock-up only thanks to Beth from Stevo's Stickers - she knocked this up in a few minutes right in front of my eyes. It is always so encouraging to see someone who is enthusiastic about their work, and an expert in what they do.

A big thankyou to Les from Pacific Hyundai (in Gympie opposite Autobarn on the highway) an extremely pleasant, professional and friendly sales person who took an interest in me from the moment I walked in the door. All around a great experience - who said buying a new car should be difficult?


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Centrelink and NEIS


When you hear the word CentreLink, I am sure a lot of you out there have a shiver run down your spine! Well I would have thought the same, until recently that is!


Open Source CRM

SugarCRM-titleCustomer Relationship Management software (CRM) is traditionally a very expensive, albeit essential part of any business. I started implementing CRM packages in the late 90's and it was not unusual to expect client to pay $5000 per seat!


Enter Sugar CRM an open source, web based CRM package! I have installed, and use the community variety of this package, an excellent package, with all the features and functionality of the big players like, Act, Goldmine, etc. But at a fraction of the cost, the community version is FREE, yes that is right, FREE!



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